Urbanscape no.1 (When Places talk back series), Fara Manuel-Nolasco, 2011

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The city as seen by a mobile observer.

As a landscape can be appropriated, stollen, borrowed and lent, the artist-voyager appropriates the view of the everyday from the position of an (anonymous) city-dweller

Borrowed landscapes

Mapping the landscape of the city, the artist-voyager makes home visits on a mountain bike. Following the format of a visual journal, I document fragments of the city's rich human geography. This collection contain "borrowed views" from random vantage points inside dwellings from scattered locations around the city.

Urban Baguio landscape no. 1, "Powerlines" (Rose Canteen, Calderon Street, Baguio)| digital photograph by Fara Manuel, 2014

Aileen Kim

  181°S, 16°24'11”N 120°35'39”E (Aileen's view), by A.K. and Fara Manuel-Nolasco, Digital photograph, July 2, 2014 (14:00, GMT+08:00)

Aileen Kim

  Treasure from the road - Poking,Kapangan, Fara Manuel-Nolasco, Digital photograph, July 6, 2014 (09:03, GMT+08:00)

Aileen Kim

  295°NW, 16°24'25”N 120°35'53”E (Florita - Neyoguri - LPA, Jun's view), Fara Manuel-Nolasco, Digital photograph, July 7, 2014 (15:10, GMT+08:00)

Why this site?

This website aims to document contemporary urban Baguio landscape through photography, collage and new media. The project aims to critically represent postmodern geography that show hybridity and pastische - mix of old and modern heritage, as well as, rhizomatic urban environment against nature's handiwork.

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